Chiquito Zombie Attack

The proposed theme for September: 
Chiquito Zombie Attack!

"Chiquito de la Calzada" is an humorist from Spain, very famous in the south where he lives.
Wiki for Chiquito Nowadays he doesn't make any national show, but long time ago he was the number one.
Very Best of Chiquito (Spanish)

We must mix him with Zombie Attack!!

There's a few examples:

· A poster for a music band named: Chiquito Zombie Attack!
· Just a movie: he like the hero or like the badass zombie leader.

· A wave of comedian zombies arriving our theaters.
· A western from Bonanza with zombies.
· "Thriller" from Michael Jackson with Chiquito.

Like every month imagination is the best companion - Think it twice!

We accept entries from June 1 to 30 of September of 2012 to our email:

From Jose Carlos Gallardo 


June - A Kraken in Paris

One month more here, we wish a lot of participation, this month: Kraken meets Paris!  Wikipedia for Paris City

A kraken can be a Giant Squid or Octopus. Wikipedia for Kraken
But else can be either a Triton, Leviatan... Focus on a Giant Sea Monster.

Brainstorming for Paris: City, Eiffel Tower, River Sena, Vintage, France, Fashion, Monuments.
Brainstorming for Kraken: Squid, Octopus, Snake, Sea Waves, Triton, Mermaid, Monster.

Be the first to make a poster of the love story of Kraken and Paris,
See how Kraken destroy Paris,
Kraken like King Kong in Eiffel Tower,
Kraken diving in the Sena River,
Kraken as turistic issue on Paris,
Kraken as Amelie

Like every month imagination is the best companion - Think it twice!

We accept entries from June 1 to June 30 of 2012 to our email:

Dedicated to Urbain in Paris, France.

Check this awesome Brand New entries:

From Javier Sánchez

From Ana Díaz and José Carlos Gallardo

June will be the month

Like a Phoenix, we respawn from the ashes!
Keep an eye on June!
Some surprises will arrive... well not very much surprises but, we start again.

The truth is out there - February

  • Desde lo mas recondito del universo hacemos una llamada, de un mes, para que aquellos que estén entre nosotros se manifiesten.
      "La verdad está ahí fuera"
  • Hidden in the universe, we shout highly, only for one month, to anyone who are between us...
      "The truth is out there"

People are Strange - January

People are strange - The Doors
Para el mes de Enero, para todas esas personas que se sientan extrañas en estos dias del nuevo año.
For January, for all the people who feels strange in this days of the new year.

Esta de Víctor Paiam